Erasmus+ Moncalieri

Van 29 mei tot en met 4 juni trokken zes leerlingen en twee leerkrachten naar Italië voor het Erasmus+-project 'Sol'Arts'.

The Erasmus+ project was really interesting. It was a nice alternative way of learning new things. I learned a lot about different cultures and languages and I also met very nice people. Sometimes the language made it difficult to communicate but we could always find a solution, like asking a teacher or another student, finding a synonym or using Google Translate.

I also enjoyed the afternoon with the host family because I like trying food from other cultures and the mother of the family I visited was really enthusiastic, social and friendly.

Exploring Moncalieri with a city game in small groups forced us to talk to people we didn’t know before but in my opinion it was a nice way of meeting people from other countries because we needed to work together, walk and talk at the same time.

We’ve also been to a lot of beautiful places like Torino and Genova. The planetarium was interesting and the movie about the solar system was wonderful, it also fitted the theme perfectly: Sol’Arts. In the aquarium there were a lot of different colourful and wonderful sea animals but after seeing them we weren’t interested in eating fried fish, one of the speciality’s from Genova, so we ate pasta pesto, another speciality. I’m glad I signed up for this project and I am really grateful for this opportunity. I’m looking forward to the other countries coming to Belgium next year.

Alice Desmet (klas 21)